Our Team

Our Team

Paula – Owner/Coach

Paula Szaroz

Fitness has always held an important role in Paula’s life and she has always been drawn to the style of Functional Movements. Paula is a Level 2 Certified CrossFit Trainer and coaches our Kids Programs, Cross-Training Fundamentals, regular Cross-Training Classes, Personal Training, and Personal Programming.

Shara – Coach

Shara Bustamante

Shara is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer and was on the 2018 Canadian Team for 100% Raw Powerlifting World Championships. She coaches our Lite Program, Barbell Club, regular Cross-training classes, as well as Personal Training & Personal Programming. Shara started Cross-training in 2015 and really fell in love with the sport when it improved her strength training drastically.

Bryan – Coach

Bryan Burns

Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes or dq blizzards are all things that can be heard during any of Bryan’s classes. He is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer who has been coaching here for over three years. He coaches regular classes, teens classes and leads our Running Club. Aside from Cross-training, Bryan has coached almost every high school sport around.

It is because of the great people in our gym that I decide and love to be a member.

Bryan Burns

Wendy – Coach

Wendy Desjarlais

Wendy is a Level 2 Certified CrossFit Trainer and has been coaching for over 5 years; she coaches our regular Cross-training class. She also holds certificates from CrossFit Gymnastics & CrossFit Mobility. Wendy has been doing Cross-training since 2012 and has participated in every CrossFit open since 2013.

Jason – Coach

Jason Szaroz

After a dare from his wife Paula back in 2012 to try his first Cross-training workout, Jason was hooked. “Linda” was the workout and it floored him! Jason loves to use his fitness outside of the gym in many different ways and usually does things the hard way just to see if he can. Jason also loves learning new skills, trying new things, working hard and having fun, and believes that this is what keeps us young. Of course Cross-training incorporates all of these things so to him it’s basically the Fountain of Youth. Jason is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Trainer and coaches our regular Cross-training classes.

Jill – Coach

Jill Bruder B.Kin., CAT(C)

As an Athletic Therapist Jill has always used functional movements to rehabilitate people back from injury. This makes Consisten Fitness Pincher Creek and the CFPC principles a great fit for her. She is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and has been here since the beginning. When not coaching regular classes she can be found in her office, ReAction Athletic Therapy, dealing with injuries. She is also a member of the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team and you can see her working at pro rodeos and bull ridings across western Canada.